About me

I’m a 21-year-old student and bodybuilder from Canada. Ever since I started taking pre-workout supplements, I’ve been fascinated by their impact on my workouts. I consider myself a pre-workout fanatic, and I enjoy using different pre-workouts tailored to the specific muscle group I’m training each day.

In today’s market, there are many good pre-workout options, but unfortunately, there are also many with subpar formulas that don’t live up to their expectations. I strongly believe in the importance of understanding the supplements you take before incorporating them into your routine.

That’s why I’m dedicated to making this blog an easy and accessible source of information for others who are interested in pre-workouts. This is the kind of information I wish I had access to when I was starting out, instead of wasting money on ineffective products or just pre-workouts I didn’t like.

All the information I’m sharing on this blog is only a personal opinion on pre-workout related topics.